Best Jerusalem Apartment Rentals VIP Jerusalem Mamilla Apartment Rentals  is an exclusive, American-style travel, vacation, committed to providing comfort and luxury with our superlative services. Our team works tirelessly to provide visitors exclusive access to the finest homes, hotels, sites, museums, exhibits, events, and services in Jerusalem.
VIP Jerusalem is an established provider of five-star accommodations. VIP Jerusalem is the ideal choice for visitors seeking expert, American-style service in the heart of Jerusalem. Our prestigious travel and vacation services research, reserve, and prepare top-quality charter homes and premier hotels to perfectly accommodate visitor needs.

Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

VIP Jerusalem offers access to a diverse selection of exquisite charter homes varying in size, classification, on-site amenities, and design. Our selection includes luxury apartments and penthouses, town homes and triplexes, private villas, Jerusalem Apartments Rentals and five-star executive suites located in and around several universally-recognized destinations in Jerusalem Apartments Rentals 

VIP Jerusalem’s Jerusalem Apartment Rentals best Apartments for rent  are exceptionally furnished, kosher -law regulated, fully equipped with appliances and equipment (e.g. prearranged kitchens, internet, cable television, etc.), and outfitted for customizations. Our luxury homes are discrete, private, spacious and enchanting. Several of VIP Jerusalem’s many remarkable luxury charter homes provide breathtaking panoramic views of the Old City of Jerusalem. Your home-away-from-home will be conveniently within walking distance of historical and noteworthy sites, including:

  • The Great Synagogue of Jerusalem
  • The Old City of Jerusalem
  • Mea Shearim
  • Mamilla Apartment Rentals
  • The David Citadel Hotel
  • The King David Hotel
  • City Center
  • And many more!

VIP Jerusalem is honored to accommodate the special needs of dignitaries and bureaucrats; scholars and business persons; families, tourists, and other groups visiting Jerusalem. Our comprehensive services ensure easygoing travel, lavish lodging, and an overall unforgettable experience for visitors by providing outstanding housekeeping packages; personal chefs and chauffeurs; on-site childcare and personal training; event planning, and much more.

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Luxury Hotels in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Apartment Rentals 

Whether visitors journey independently to appreciate the history and opulence of Jerusalem, or travel collectively with a group or with extended family to attend a vacation, wedding, bar mitzvah, or other event, VIP Jerusalem rentals  provides elite access to highly-demanded reservations at Jerusalem’s most illustrious five-star superior hotels.

VIP Jerusalem Travel arranges executive suite and villa reservations with five-star superior hotels commonly featuring: sophisticated furnishings and multilingual staff; multimedia conference rooms, theaters, and special event galleries; lounge, laundry, and turndown services; twenty four-hour reception, doorman, and room service, etc.

The VIP Jerusalem Travel team is experienced, professional, courteous, and delightfully committed to outstanding, American-style service. Our team is pleased to share recommendations from our highly satisfied visitors.

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Jerusalem Apartment Rentals

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